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G Crossley and Son LTD. have been actively involved in major renewable energy projects since the late 1990’s.

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Wind farm technology has become a major factor in cutting CO2 emissions in an attempt to combat global warming. The first major land negotiation started with the Scout Moor Wind Farm. This was soon followed by the land and lease negotiations on Crook Hill Wind Farm, Todmorden Wind Farm and Reaps Moss.

Other involvement in proposed wind farms include: Rawtenstall, Gorpley Moor, Oswaldtwistle Moor and Rooley Moor and these have amounted over 250MegaWatt to date.



More recently, and with significant advances in battery technology, there has been a surge in demand for this type of project.

Battery storage is a way that excess power that is being produced can be stored during low use times and released back into the grid when it is needed during peak times.

We have been involved in securing over 20 sites across England and Scotland. With currently over 200MegaWatt in the planning for early construction in 2019.


Domestic Renewable Energy

On a smaller scale, we have been actively involved in most types of domestic renewable technology. These include; Biomass Boilers, Ground Heat Source, Water Turbines and small personal wind turbine installations up to 10kw.