Surveys & Valuations

The Crossley family practice provides a full range of valuation services, including appraisals for bank funding, purchase, sale or letting. We can also carry out development schemes, company asset valuations or valuations for insurance purposes, rating and taxation.

We are leading chartered surveyors within the town with considerable local knowledge and expertise, supported by an extensive database of comparable valuation evidence compiled since the formation of the practice in 1926.

We are retained as panel valuer's by many leading banks, building societies and other lending institutes and regularly provide valuation advice to local established firms, businesses and private individuals.

As broad based local chartered surveyors we are able to take and provide valuations and survey advice on all types of property including residential, commercial and investment properties.

As you would expect, we provide a comprehensive range of surveys and valuations to suit all types of property and individual requirements and these range from the free Pre Sale Valuation on residential properties to give a market appraisal of properties. This valuation is a verbal valuation and is ideally suited to those requesting information about the value of their property for sale purposes. Similarly the Pre Letting Valuation gives an indication of rental values.

The Letterform Valuation

This is often requested to substantiate open market values on property and provide a basic description and overview of the property, location and style of the premises along with an open market value.

The RICS Homebuyers Report

This report provides a more in depth valuation following the guidance of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and indicates the condition of properties in accordance with the guidance notes and also provides and Open Market Valuation and Insurance Valuation of the property. This report is probably the most requested and is often recommended by solicitors to give and all round appraisal of the property.

The Building Survey

The most in-depth report is the building survey which covers all aspects of the property going into significantly more detail then the RICS report and valuation but also gives an open market valuation and insurance figure.

G. Crossley & Son

G. Crossley & Son are in conjunction with T J B Associates who can provide specific structural engineers advice and follow up reports in the event of detailed defects of the structure of the property are identified in any of the reports above.

All valuation reports are provided in accordance with The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Appraisal and Valuation manual unless specifically notified otherwise.

Valuations and surveys will usually be undertaken within 24 hours apart from The Building Survey which normally takes 48 hours to prepare and produce subject to access to the property.

To seek further advice and details of our competitive fee structure on any of the above reports please call the office on the main switchboard or email specific questions to

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