Lettings Information

Finding a Tenant

Crossleys will offer your property by way of press advertising, mailing list and to prospective tenants who make general enquiries. When offering your property, we will advise tenants of any special requirements or exclusions which you may have, for example, we recommend that dogs, cats or other pets are not to be kept in or around the property and tenants are able to make payment of rent without the aid of Housing Benefit.

We will, in all cases, interview prospective tenants and obtain suitable financial references and a personal reference (wherever possible from a professional person).

Other Crossley Services

We will advise utility companies in writing of change of tenancies and that from that date, until further notice, the tenant will be responsible for the payment of accounts direct, and also the local authority that the payment of Council Tax becomes the responsibility of the tenant.

Tenancy Agreement

We will make suitable arrangements with solicitors for a suitable tenancy agreement to be drawn up; it must be stressed that a tenancy agreement is a legal and binding document and would generally recommend that an assured short hold tenancy is used. This means that the landlord can give 2 months notice to quit or the tenant must give 1 months notice of intention to vacate the property. The tenant will be responsible for the solicitors reasonable charges in respect of the preparation of the tenancy agreement.

Accounting Procedure

On the 1st of each month, an account will be submitted to the tenant for a months rent in advance (including water charges where applicable). We account to clients on a quarterly basis, from 1st January of each year, giving a detailed statement of income and expenditure of management charges, repairs etc., which have been carried out. In the event of non payment of rent, we will obviously not be able to pay over any rent which has not been paid by the tenant. Should it prove necessary to evict the tenant, the costs of any legal action taken must be the responsibility of the Landlord.


We will inspect the property during the tenancy, to ensure that the tenant is keeping the property in good order and upholding the terms of the tenancy agreement.


We will take a Bond equating to approx. 6 weeks rent from the ingoing tenant and hold it, as stakeholders, for the period of the tenancy, in our Clients account without interest. At the end of the tenancy, we would inspect the property, making checks against the inventory for any loss or damage, withholding money from the Bond to cover repairs or replacements if necessary.

Landlords Responsibilities

Consent - prior to a tenancy being arranged, it will be the responsibility of the Landlord to obtain written approval from the mortgager (e.g. building society) and arrange suitable insurance for the building and contents, along with any other insurance which the Landlord may wish to take out.

The Property and Contents

We strongly advise that all expensive and personal items are removed from the property and that the property is in a good general state of repair and decoration.

Maintenance Agreements

We recommend that these are taken out wherever possible e.g. British Gas 3 Star Service Contract or similar. We would advise Landlords that following legislation under Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994, the Landlords are under a legal obligation to have a safety inspection carried out before commencement of a tenancy and annually thereafter. We will make suitable arrangements in this connection and charge the cost to the Landlord.

Obligation to Repair

As the Landlord has a legal obligation to keep the property in good state of repair, we should be authorised to arrange repairs to be carried out during the tenancy; we will always endeavour to obtain quotations for necessary works and inform the Landlords prior to commencement, although this may not be possible in the case of urgent repairs.


Where furnishings contain foam rubber or similar materials i.e. Beds, Head-boards, Mattresses (of any size), Sofa-beds or other convertibles, 3 piece Suites, Scatter Cushions and Seat Covers are provided they must comply with Fire Safety Regulations and be labelled to this effect.


Rental income is considered to be unearned income and tax is payable at the landlords highest rate of tax. Should the landlord be living abroad, we may have to retain a portion of the rent collected to meet any tax liabilities.

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